Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Bear-y Dumb Joke

Well, after two years of blog hibernation, this bear.....nope. Allow me to sensor my own stupidity.

As I was leaving Tennessee, I told my CRC [Christ-Reconciled Church, y'all] friends that I would try to blog and/or email to keep them updated on life in the Valley. Since I don't want to be a fibber, and since I want to be more consistent in writing, here I am. A truth-telling, Dickens-wannabe. Or something like that.

Yesterday I was reading the genealogy of Christ in Matthew 1, and God showed me how many absolute losers He used to bring about the birth of Christ. [Maybe that's harsh, but let's not forget that Abraham lied and told not one, but two men that Sarah was his sister. And remember David and Bathsheba? Yeah, that happened.] My boss always says, "God can use sin sinlessly." And He can! The great thing about that [there are many great things, but let's stick with one for right now] is that God can use sinful, crooked people to bring about the single greatest victory of all time.

I believe in God's sovereignty completely, but I was struggling with the thought of Him arranging Jesus to come through the line of Solomon, [David and Bathsheba's kid.] but then I thought about how the sin of adultery had already been punished through the death of their first child [and ultimately through Christ's death on the cross, which could only come through their line! What?! I just realized that! God was gracious enough to allow David's sin to lead to his salvation and the salvation of all nations. My brain just exploded. I don't even know how to finish this paragraph anymore. My heart is just full of worship to the God who directs history!] What do you think about God's sovereignty and sin?

My friend, Kiley, came over the day I left Tennessee, and she was telling me about how she wanted to give her life completely to God and that she would go and do whatever He asked. That theme has been running through my mind since we talked. My prayer is that God would use me in any way He wants, and that I would be joyfully obedient to pour myself out for Him.

What are you learning? How can I pray for you?